PROFIBUS Switzerland has been privileged to welcome all Regional PI Associations,
the PROFIBUS/PROFINET Competence and Training Center worldwide for the yearly
PI/PICC/PITC Meeting in June 2011.

Lucerne offered wonderful possibilities to enjoy the time besides and after the meeting.

We are looking back to a week with interesting meeting topics, very inspiring discussions, varied attractive events,
fruitful conversations and the exceptional networking opportunities. We met old colleagues and friends and many new ones.

Do you remember who is who ?
Move with the mouse over the face: you'll get the name, klick it: and you'll get the picture.
... and do not forget the photographer and the swan!

PI Group Geoff Hodgkinson Vladimir Kulla Andreas von Eckendonck Carl Henning Markus Knössel Max Würmli Xaver Schmidt Silke Glasstetter Josef Vopicka François Venter Michael Nielson Dolf van Eendenburg Rodrigo Pinto Thomas Müller Jan Roar Remĝy Lars Larsson Paula Doyle Randy Dang Ignacio Alvarez Vargas Brendan Gunn Antonio Augelli Dileep Miskin Edith Felser John Swindall Dennis van Booma Michael Ulrich Bernd Günther Bob Squirrell Manfred Popp Dariusz Germanek Jörg Freitag Sabrina Hein Frithjof Klasen Hans Doran Elham Cheriki Baig Mirza Steffen Ochensreither Andrew Verwer Patricia Verwer Andreas Frantz César Cassiolato Christian Vierthaler Ammar Atta Hassan Kaghazchi Raphael König Bernd Lieberth Markus Müller Michael Bowne Emilia Schmieder Peter Wenzel Shinichi Motoyoshi Mike Bryant Petra Mayer Dmitri Renzhin Esther Gelle Leandro Torres Max Felser Martin Raab Tanja Engelhardt Fabien Hantzer Ernst Flemming Pavel Burget Patrick Marti Alberto Sibono Li Wenjuan Fedor Meyer Paolo Scarfi Erna Venter Christoph Felser Marsha Bryant Kris Bryant Ann-Christin Cederholm Catherine Henning Lynn Froehlich Daniel Lüdi Cha Young-Sik Bog-Lim Lee Jim Froehlich Hansueli Bucher Karin Beyeler Barbara Weber Liu Dan Swan

Many thanks to all !!